Anyone for coffee?

My very short time at VCU Rams in Recovery has propagated a relationship which has already created opportunities that were most definitely not on my outcome list during my Winston Churchill Fellowship. I just love unintended consequences.

Professor John Freyer is on the board of Rams in Recovery and is behind the Free Hot Coffee bike concept and Recovery Roast coffee blend. Hearing how it works and connects people, I knew it could help us in Middlesbrough to engage in conversation with people we might not  normally come into contact with. John thankfully got as excited as me and offered to help me replicate it back home.

John is also involved in the Tate Exchange programme at the Tate Modern in London and somehow wangled a performance by our Recovery Choir at an exhibition in June 2018 where he will be showcasing #freehotcoffee #freeicedwater and #freehotsupper. All three bring together people in conversation whilst sharing food or a drink on a level platform. Recovery needs shared experience and it was only right we opened this up to other recovery choirs to share the experience. So far we will be joined by Cascade choir from Brighton and The Basement in Halifax.

John will visit us in Middlesbrough to support the process of blending our very own #recoveryroast and launch our free hot coffee bike. We have the bike and are working with a joiner in recovery to build the box from which the magic will happen. Everyone in Recovery Connections got really excited when it arrived (as i breathed a sigh of relief!) 

You just never know the outcome of a chance conversation 😊

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