2019 Progress

Moving into the second year since visiting Collegiate Recovery Programmes in the US, we are slowly making progress. Recovery Connections are present within Teesside University, Students Union with 4 regular attendees. It’s a start and for those 4 students they are connected to a community of support and camaraderie.

An additional 3 students are at Middlesbrough College preparing for University. The organic growth process has started. The knowledge that support to cope with early recovery and education was available, helped them decide to take the leap. Support to enrol, attend the interview, join the library, reference an assignment are all daunting. Helping each other with support from Abi has helped reduce the stress. Our shared joy with 100% test marks and distinctions ripple through the building, giving hope for those in rehab that it’s possible. Beautiful.

We have work to do around raising awareness and challenging stigma associated with addiction & recovery. Education is a right for us all, fear of stigma and isolation can not be a barrier in 2019. In Middlesbrough we are doing everything we can to make sure it’s an achievable goal without feeling shame around your past.

#Recovery #Education #Collegiaterecovery #Teesside #WCMT

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